Training & Awareness

Sonas has been providing support services to women and children experiencing domestic abuse for over 25 years. We are the largest frontline service providing emergency response to victims of domestic abuse through refuge, Safe Homes, telephone advice and court accompaniment.

Sonas Training is led by Training and Programme Officer Sinead Quinn and Head of Services Siobhan Ferguson.

If you are interested in awareness and/ or training for your team please contact: Sinead Quinn at
Upcoming Training Dates

Sonas offers a Domestic Violence awareness training for people who want to increase their awareness of domestic abuse and brief interventions. This training is aimed primarily at professionals who may encounter domestic abuse in the course of their work. However, it is also open to anyone who wants to learn more about domestic violence and the work that domestic violence services provide.

Benefits of Our Training

Domestic Violence affects 1 in 4 women in Ireland. Frontline workers will gain an increased knowledge of what domestic abuse is, how to respond to a disclosure, how to provide a brief intervention and what services are available to their clients. However, this training will also benefit anyone who wants to learn more about domestic abuse.

Training Focus

Our training incorporates the 3 R’s: Recognise, Respond and Refer.


  • What domestic abuse is
  • What are the tactics of abusers
  • What are the impacts of domestic abuse


  • How to respond to disclosure
  • What is involved in a brief intervention


  • How to refer an individual to the correct services
  • About Sonas services
  • About other services

For further information or to book your training, please contact our Head of Services, Siobhan Ferguson on 0876468923 or