Sonas Advice and Outreach

A support service for women experiencing domestic abuse offering general advice and signposting to other services, as well as specific advice on risk and safety assessment/ planning, court accompaniment and legal issues. The service is also preventative by helping women increase their safety at home and is also a post-Refuge support.

Support is offered by appointment

I am experiencing domestic abuse – can I refer myself to this service?


Can an agency refer me to this service?

Yes but a member of the Outreach Team will still speak to you directly; an exception on speaking to you directly is made if you are unable to talk on the phone due to injury, disability, language barrier or safety.


Primarily North and West Dublin on a 1 to 1 appointment basis but we will work to support you wherever your location or refer you to a similar service which may be closer to you.


Telephone: 087 952 5217

What can I expect from the service?

A member of our Outreach team will meet you at an agreed safe location for a 1 to 1 appointment. Please note that the service is an advice and signposting service – it is not a counselling service but we can signpost you to organisations that provide counselling.

How long will support be provided for?

Support is provided on a short to medium-term, depending on your needs.