Children’s Services in Sonas

service1Children and young people are important to us in Sonas – boys and girls up to the age of 18 account for half of the people who engage with our services every year. If you are a child, young person or parent reading this – then be assured that the wellbeing, welfare and protection of a child or young person in our services is a priority in our organisation. Sonas has a Code of Conduct for working with children and a Children’s Charter seeing and hearing children is key to our work – and that applies to Women and Children’s Support Teams equally.  Sonas’s child protection policy reflects The Children First Act 2017. From our recruitment to our induction process, from case management and to ongoing training, child welfare and protection is woven into our practice, policy and procedures. All Sonas staff are Garda vetted. All Sonas staff are Children First trained and all service managers have received Designated Liaison Person training.

The best interests of the child are paramount in all service considerations. Sonas works from a basis of women’s and children’s rights.

In accordance with The Children First Act 2017, Sonas has developed a Child Safeguarding Statement